Filter Mesh Pack Extruder Mesh Disc With Different Size And Shapes

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Filter Mesh Pack Extruder Mesh Disc


The standard material are SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L. Special Alloy Steel :Hastelloy C-276, Monel 400, Inconel600, SS904, SS904L, Duplex steel 2205 are acceptable based on customer’s  requirement.

Manfre filter can be customized by your demands.

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Filter mesh pack also named extruder mesh packs,is made of woven or sintered metal mesh.It provides a clean and clear extrusion for the melt filtration and plastic extrusion processing machinery.the filter mesh pack has the characteristic of Acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, strong tensile force and abrasion resistance.

We supply various mesh pack option for your choose,including single layer,multi layers,coverred edges,welded and sintered.The filters can be used with endless devices,gadgets,tools,appliances and machines.You can place the packs in pipes,tubes,ducts as inline filters,filtration systems,etc.

Material:stainlesssteel,copper,aluminium,nickel,monel,inconel,galvanized steel etc.

Filter mesh:1-3000mesh with 0.018-2mm

Filter rating:3-200micron


By shape:Rectangle, circle, ring, pitch, waist, special shape

By structure:Single-layer mesh, multi-layer composite filter mesh, combined filter mesh

By layer:single layer,double layers,three layers,four layers,five layers and multi layers


By process: process:

  1. Multi-layer spot welding filter mesh.
  2. 2, multi-layer edge filter mesh

pack Sizes: any is available according to your requirement.


Polymer extrusion

Evaporation and filtration process of rubber;

plastic industry,the screening of grain and oil;

petroleum,chemical industry;

Polyester oriental yarn,Polyester stable fibers.

Polypropylene yarn.

Food and juice filtration

light industry,medicine,metallurgy,machinery;

shipbuilding and other industry.

Filter mesh pack specification

Plain weave mesh

We will customize filters according to customer needs in different sizes from standard size to special-ordered size.



Efficient filtration

Strong structure,pressure resistance

Anti-acid and alkali;

Stable filtering accuracy,simple process;

Easy to install

Long life,recycled using

Easily cleanable with excellent durability,superior mechanical

Higher physical&chemical resistance


Packaging & Shipping

1.Carton inside,wooden outside,neutral packaging

2.As your requirements

3.By international express,air and sea

4.Shipment port:Shanghai or any other chinese ports

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