fiber mist eliminator

Fiber mist eliminator is an effective defogging equipment widely used in the world. It is composed of single or multiple defogging elements; and each element is composed of inner and outer mesh cylinders and a certain amount of fibers evenly filled between the inner and outer mesh cylinders. The mist-containing gas passes through one side, and the mist particles are retained on the fibers. When the droplets increase, they can flow along the blowing airflow and under the action of gravity, and flow out to the drain pipe, thereby achieving gas-liquid separation. the goal of. At a certain gas speed, when the liquid holding capacity of the fiber accumulates to a certain value, the amount of mist captured and the amount of liquid discharged reach a balance, and the fiber mist eliminator will work continuously under this condition.

The fiber mist eliminator is a device specially used to remove various mist particles in the airflow. It can not only remove the large particle mist particles (diameter>3μm) in the airflow, but also is very effective for removing sub-particles (diameter <1μm). It has a certain self-cleaning ability and can achieve zero maintenance.

It can be widely used in industrial production process to remove sub-micron liquid droplets and soluble solid particles in gas to protect downstream equipment, purify process gas, recover available solvents and oils, and eliminate atmospheric pollution.

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Post time: Apr-14-2022