Metal fiber felt for diesel exhaust filtration

Internationally, particle traps are mainly used to control diesel vehicle exhaust particle emissions, mainly including DPF and POC devices. In foreign countries, metal fibers have been widely used to prepare these two devices, while traditional materials such as honeycomb ceramics and cordierite are still used in China. Based on the existing metal fiber technology, the company has developed metal fiber carriers and equipment for diesel engines, and the prepared DPF and POC product technology can meet my country’s national 4 standards for diesel vehicles. Advantages of DPF and POC carriers prepared with metal fibers:
● Large specific surface area and high conversion efficiency (DPF conversion efficiency 98%, POC conversion efficiency 65%).
● The size of the pore structure is uniform and controllable, and can be freely controlled within the range of 1-100 microns.
● It has good thermal shock resistance, long life, and can be regenerated by electric heating (over 200,000 kilometers).
● Full through hole structure, lower back pressure;
● With low heat capacity and high heat conduction, it can be heated up to the working temperature of the catalyst first.
Diesel particulate filter

Post time: Jun-02-2022