Molten Sulphur Filter

Manfre have supplied several filters for Molten Sulphur Filtration in sulphuric acid & sulphonation plants.
Normally ‘ASH’ is a impurity which needs to be removed from sulphur so that further processing using molten sulphur should be smooth.
Manfre offers horizontal pressure leaf filter for molten sulphur filtration in two versions i.e.
In shell retraction design leaf remains steady and shell is retracted to & fro.
In bundle Retraction Design Shell is steady and leaf bundle is retracted to and fro.
Both the versions are operated for opening and closing of filter Hydrulically for easy of operation.
Initially the filter is precoated with filteraid (kieselguhr or perlite). After precoating molten sulphur from sulphur pits is fed to the filter for filtration of ash. After the filtration cake is dried with steam. After drying is complete filter is opened and cake is removed manually by knocking at leaf bottom by wooden spatula
Molten Sulphur Filter

Post time: May-25-2022