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Filtration rate:3-200 μm




Pleated Filter Element Microporous Folded Filter

Manfre filter can be customized by your demands.

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Pleated filter element is produced by stainless steel woven mesh filter media, designed with metal support tube,metal support mesh and filter mesh.

The pleated filter element has multi folded filter layers,increasing filter area and high structure  strength.The mesh is made of stainless steel, monel,inconel,hastelloy,etc material with different diameters and holes.So they have the advantage of high pressure-resistant,heat-resistant,fastness,easily cleanable,various filtration,recyclable and economic.

When they are dirty,they can be washed and reused,which eliminated the hassle and save cost of purchasing and storing replacement filters.


Main connection type:

1. Standard interface (such as 222, 220, 226)

2. Fast interface connection

3. Threaded connection

4. Flange connection

5. Tie rod connection

6. Special customized interface



Large filtration area and particle holding capacity;

High porosity rate,good air permeability and filtration ability;

Suitable for viscous liquid filtration,recycled using after cleaning;

Workable in high temperature and high pressure



High polymer industry

BOPP industry

Petrochemical,petroleum refining

Pharmaceutical and food refining or cycling

Hydraulic machine

Gas controlling

Water treatment

We will customize filters according to customer needs in different sizes from standard size to special-ordered size.


Packaging & Shipping

1.Carton inside,wooden outside,neutral packaging

2.As your requirements

3.By international express,air and sea

4.Shipment port:Shanghai or any other chinese ports

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