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Field Outreach Training

2024-04-29 15:54:00
Today, we go to attached an interesting field outreach Training.
Team building is undoubtedly an effective way to strengthen team cohesion. However, this team building is somewhat different from the past. The previous team building was a group of familiar partners having fun together. This time, the difference is that some unfamiliar partners move forward together.
From unfamiliar to familiar, it may take some time for some people, and team building undoubtedly greatly shortens these times, but what we need is not only familiarity in life, but also the resulting work tacit understanding, perhaps Familiarity with work ideas may be a leap in results of 1+1>2, or the power of teamwork...
Meeting is a fate, and getting along is a rare fate. It is a fate that everyone can work together for a common cause. The process may be difficult, and there may be many incredible things, but just like the "challenge impossible" project, the difficulty may not be the matter, but the psychological hurdle.
It’s really difficult to take a 10,000 step back. We are not alone. We are a group of people. We have many companions to help you through the difficulties. A chopstick is easy to break, but a chopstick is difficult to break. Isn’t it the power of unity?
On the day of the event, it was not only the spirit of unity and cooperation, and the spirit of not giving up nor forsaking, but also the dedication and sense of service for their sake. I am also very fortunate that I can quickly integrate into the activity and do my part in the corners in need.
Although, in the process, we also did not do well. We may not respect others, fail to abide by the rules, do not pay attention to details, and are especially aware of the shortcomings of our own inertia and dependence. But there is no need to justify these shortcomings. Wrong is wrong, and knowing the wrong can improve it greatly. If you realize these mistakes in the team building, you can correct them. However, there are some mistakes, and once they are wrong, they may cause immeasurable losses. All need to be planned, forward-looking, and have an eye for finding problems.
Follow the rules, work together, avoid mistakes, and you will reach your destination as quickly as possible. Perhaps in this big ship, there are people who treat themselves as passengers and are willing to enjoy life or relax themselves; perhaps when they are the helmsman or the captain, they need to be proactive. I think that no matter what kind of mentality it is, there is no doubt that it will not affect the people around you and the overall progress. But being able to race against time actively, be result-oriented, and work together in solidarity will make it easy to quickly succeed and achieve your goals.
The similarities between work, life and games can sum up experience and help growth. This team building activity not only benefited us a lot, but also narrowed the distance between colleagues and made us a better team. One boat, one family, one direction, move forward together!