Gas Cleaning at Asphalt industry

Asphalt is used for road surfacing and also for producing coated protective sheeting materials. Air pollution problems arise from hot vent vapour from Asphalt storage tanks or fugitive vapours from loading it into trucks / wagons. In the coating process, there are environmental problems from the Asphalt saturator & coating vapours.

Hot vent vapour from Asphalt storage tanks
Hot fugitive vapours from Asphalt loading into trucks / wagons
Asphalt saturator & coating vapours


Air pollution as the vapours condense into visible, sub-micron mist pollution.

The vapours are drawn into a 2-stage filtration system by a suction fan located between the 2 stages.

The first stage is a prefilter, made of knitted wire mesh, to collect the more viscous & larger droplets of organic material. The prefilter is robust, made of Stainless Steel wire, and can be cleaned & re-used.

In very dirty conditions the prefilter can be irrigated with oil, to provide some self-cleaning of the prefilter.

The vapours then pass through the fan into a candle filter type mist eliminator vessel.

The vessel has Manfre’s high efficiency glass fibre filter(s) hanging inside whereby the vapours pass into the cylindrical fibre bed from the outside and are collected on the fibres and drain down to a central drain. The efficiency is 100% removal of particles > 1 micron & 98% removal of particles < 1 micron.

In very dirty conditions the candle filter can be fitted with a bag liner, which will further collect solid / viscous materials, preventing them from lodging in the fibre bed & thus extending the service life of the most expensive part of the system, the TGW15 fibre bed mist eliminator

The cleaned air is then vented through the top vessel exit, as an invisible emission and the collected organic liquid drains from the vessel bottom.

The size of the system depends on the air flow rate needed to draw the vent vapours.

The system can be supplied skid mounted for easy movement, use & connection

Post time: Jul-18-2022