Stainless Steel Polymer Candle Filter

We offer a complete line of porous metal filter elements to serve the polymer processing industry’s needs. From intermediates and pre-polymers to final filtration and spin packs, Manfre provides the solutions for your specific filtration needs.

Polymer Candle Filter are designed and developed to remove impurities such as gels and other solid infiltrates from polymer melt in chemical fiber, textiles and plastic industries.

These filters are exposed to High Temperature and Pressure. The strength and performance of the filter is very critical to the application as the complete process of producing fiber or yarn is dependent on these filters.
Type of Polymer Candle Filter:
a ) Pleated Wire Mesh Candle Filter
Pleating is a folding wire process that meshes back upon itself and securing it to increase the filtration area. The wire mesh pleated candle filter consists of one filtration wire mesh and two support mesh. The support meshes protect the filtration mesh from direct contact with the molten polymer.

Depending upon the quality of the final product required and the backpressure of the extruder screw, the user may increase the number of wire mesh.

The Pleated structure increases the filter’s filtration area, increases the dirt holding capacity, and maintains low pressure in the machine.

The pleated filter’s filtration area is 5 – 10 times larger than the regular cartridge shaped filter element.
More surface area means more filtration area,
Very Convenient to clean
Highly corrosion and temperature resistant
Pleating of wire mesh, improves strength in the filtration mesh and support mesh which ultimately enhances the online working life of the filter and can be used multiple times before disposal.
b) Pleated Sintered Fibre Candle Filter
Stainless steel sintered fiber felt replace the fine filtration wire mesh. The process of producing the filter remains the same, but the results and applications are different.

Metallic fiber felt developed by Manfre is made using stainless steel fibers of minimal diameters and varied length; the fibers are dispersed uniformly on an identified surface. Then the process of lapping, lamination, and high-temperature sintering is carried out.
stainless steel sintered fiber felt with graded pore sizes formed by layers of different fiber diameters can achieve high filtering accuracy and higher dirt holding capacity.
Metallic thread felt has excellent porosity, due to which the differential pressure is low.
The metallic yarn felt has a high dirt holding capacity, which increases the filter’s stream life and can be used multiple times.
The most important part of the filter element is the welding of the wire mesh ends; the small fibers produce excellent weld quality helping the filter achieve an accurate filtration rating.
Fuji and Bekeart sintered fiber felt is also available.

Post time: Jul-04-2022