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Ultraviolet sterilizer for water treatment

Ultraviolet sterilizer is widely used and has high value in water treatment. It destroys and changes the DNA structure of microorganisms through the irradiation of ultraviolet light, so that the bacteria die immediately or cannot reproduce their offspring to achieve the purpose of sterilization. ZXB ultraviolet rays are the real bactericidal effect, because the C-band ultraviolet rays are easily absorbed by the DNA of organisms, especially the ultraviolet rays around 253.7nm. Ultraviolet disinfection is a purely physical disinfection method. It has the advantages of simple and convenient, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy management and automation, etc. With the introduction of various new-designed ultraviolet lamps, the application range of ultraviolet sterilization has also continued Expanding.

    Appearance requirements

    (1) The surface of the equipment should be sprayed evenly, with the same color, and there should be no flow marks, blistering, paint leakage, or peeling on the surface.
    (2) The appearance of the equipment is neat and beautiful, without obvious hammer marks and unevenness. The panel meters, switches, indicator lights, and signs should be installed firmly and upright.
    (3) The welding of the equipment shell and frame should be firm, without obvious deformation or burn-through defects.

    Key points of construction and installation

    (1) It is not easy to install the ultraviolet generator on the outlet pipe close to the water pump to prevent the quartz glass tube and the lamp tube from being damaged by the water hammer when the pump is stopped.
    (2) The ultraviolet generator should be installed strictly in accordance with the direction of water inlet and outlet.
    (3) The ultraviolet generator should have a foundation higher than the ground of the building, and the foundation should not be less than 100mm higher than the ground.
    (4) The ultraviolet generator and its connecting pipes and valves should be firmly fixed, and the ultraviolet generator should not be allowed to bear the weight of the pipes and accessories.
    (5) The installation of the ultraviolet generator should be convenient for disassembly, repair and maintenance, and no materials that affect water quality and sanitation should be used at all pipe connections.