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Manfre Series High Efficiency Flue Gas Desulfurization Dirculating Pump

Manfre series high-efficiency flue gas desulfurization circulating pump is based on the experience of the original Manfre-T series slurry pump successfully designed and manufactured. LC series high-efficiency flue gas desulfurization circulating pump is based on the experience of the original LC-T series slurry pump successfully designed and manufactured. It is designed to meet the characteristics of China's industrial flue gas desulfurization pump to meet the limestone (lime) of China's coal-fired thermal power plant. /Gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization process pump demand, carefully developed a new generation of series desulfurization pumps. It absorbs the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, and is dedicated to the absorption value of absorption tower circulating pump: 2.5~13, chloride ion concentration: ≤60000ppm, weight concentration: ≤60%, medium temperature: ≤100°C.

    The Manfre series of desulfurization circulating pumps have reached the energy efficiency standard energy-saving evaluation requirements, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. The products meet the requirements of safety, quality and environmental protection standards, and have been selected into the recommended catalogue of energy-saving electromechanical equipment (products) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
    Performance and benefits
    1) The pump is of all metal structure, the pump body is made of ultra-low carbon nitrogen-containing duplex stainless steel CD4MCuN, the impeller and wear plate are made of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy Cr30A, which has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance and long service life.
    2) The pump is a single volute, single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump, “back-pull” structure. When disassembling the impeller, mechanical seal, shaft and other components, it is not necessary to disassemble the pump inlet and outlet pipelines, and the maintenance is convenient.
    3) Generally, the single-end cartridge mechanical seal is adopted, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. The impeller is designed with a balance hole to prevent large particles from contacting the mechanical seal.
    4) The axial adjustable structure design makes the impeller easy to adjust, keeping the gap between the impeller and the front pump cover and the wear plate, thus maintaining the high efficiency of the pump.
    5) The pump shaft is a large diameter and short shaft head, which can reduce the deflection of the shaft during operation and prolong the service life of the seal.
    6) The impeller and the shaft adopt double-key connection and double locking device, which solves the problem that the impeller reverses and falls off during shutdown and backwashing.
    7) Lubricated bearings with thin oil, oil level mirror and constant oil cup can ensure sufficient lubrication; safe and reliable labyrinth dust disc can effectively prevent dirt and impurities from entering and prevent oil leakage.