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TEG Cleaning Equipment

Triethylene glycol cleaning furnace - Triethylene glycol (TEG) is a colorless and transparent neutral oily liquid. When it is heated to about 280 degrees, it has alcoholysis and dissolution effects on high molecular polyester (PET). The TEG cleaning furnace uses this feature to heat and boil workpieces with high polyester dirt in the cleaning tank containing TEG solution to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The triethylene glycol cleaning furnace is equipped with a stainless steel electric heating tube combined heater, which is installed in the TEG solution at the bottom of the cleaning tank for direct heating. It features fast temperature rise, high thermal efficiency, good boiling cleaning effect, simple equipment structure and convenient operation. The triethylene glycol cleaning furnace equipment structure has single cylinder position, double cylinder position and multi cylinder position connecting form, with large cylinder diameter and high operating height configured with operating steel platform, and the furnace cover is opened and closed with pneumatic cover opening, counterweight device and screw lifting for selection. The automatic temperature control device adopts Fuji series temperature controller program control, solid-state relay trigger control, and the control components are configured according to explosion-proof requirements, with stable and reliable working performance. The factory also provides the following cleaning equipment after TEG cleaning: water washing tank, alkali washing tank, ultrasonic washing tank, high-pressure water washing tank, etc. (TEG cleaning furnace products can be customized according to customer requirements, and drawings, voltage, power and size can be provided)

    § Materials of Device
    1、Tank body and furnace lid using SUS304 & 6mm board to produce, do pressure testing, leakage check after forming.
    2、The jacket made of 5mm heat-resisting stainless steel plate, by GB-150 steel container standard making; 2mm stainless steel for shell ; between the outer panel and cylinder filled with high-quality aluminum silicate cotton insulation, all appearance welds are kerosene leakage test, and the protection plate on the bottom of the furnace mouth with thickness beyond the insulation layer in the fan-shaped. In order to prevent the basket hanging out the TEG medium drops into the cotton insulation caused security accident.
    3、Contact with TEG flanges and steel pipe, the materials are heat-resistant stainless steel.
    4、Level gauge:the use of stainless steel magnetic coupling plate type level gauge, and with the level lower limit alarm.
    5、Electric heater: stainless steel heating pipe, heating power 60kW, composed of 33 “U” type stainless steel electric heating element welded flange directly into the furnace in the TEG medium heating, each power 2kw, the actual use of 30, the other three spare, the electric heating wire is made of Ni20Cr80 alloy (Shanghai Alloy factory produced) the service life of the heater is not less than three years.
    6、Hanging basket: stainless steel material, 7 layers cleaning spinnerets. Heat-resistant stainless steel.
    7、Condenser: stainless steel material, shell and tube type structure, condensing area is 3.5m2.
    8、Pneumatic components: cylinder, manual valve, steam source triple
    9、Insulation cotton: high – temperature aluminum silicate cotton;
    §Control system
    According to the working principle and requirements of TEG cleaning furnace, the use of two sets of instrument control, one set of instruments to control the electric heater temperature and has anti-dry protection, another instrument control TEG medium temperature. Two sets of instrument safety interlock, double protection, when over-temperature, cut off the heating main power, and sound and light alarm, to ensure the normal operation of equipment and fault self-protection. The instrument has PID manual and can auto-tuning to set the best parameters, input excellent control signal to drive the heating control device (solid state relay), heating control device with automatic temperature cooling and fault self-diagnosis protection to ensure temperature control accuracy. At the same time,double-cut function has both time and temperature, ensure the cleaning effect. In order to ensure the safe use of the equipment, the heater and magnetic coupling plate level gauge interlock protection — when the TEG below the set level, the heating element does not work; heater junction box without pressure, heating component does not work; condenser without water or water pressure is too low, the system alarm and automatically cut off the source.
    The cleaning process ends, the system has an automatic shutdown function.