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Industrial air filtration for replacement Donaldson



12.75” (324mm) O.D. X 26.00” (660mm) Long X 8.38” (213mm) I.D.


17.50” (445mm) O.D. (large end),

and 12.75” (324mm) O.D. (small end) X 26.00” (660mm) long

Top end cap:Electrical galvanized—Open

Bottom end cap:

Electrical galvanized—Closed on cylindrical, Open on Conical

Gasket:High quality rubber gasket

Outer & Inner Liners: Electrical galvanized, Expanded and Flattened Steel

Filter mounting hardware:Molded gasket washer included with RH/3266NW

Filter area:  21m2 cylindrical / 23m2 conical

Filter media description: 

Imported Nanoweb filter media (Comparable to F9 per EN779)

Optional: 80%Cellulose + 20%Polyester

00% Synthetic


    Spun bond media filter cartridge has very high filtration efficiencies on fine particulate, along with high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This media provides superior dust cake release properties compared to paper media. Spun bond media is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing, powder coating or fibrous materials such as wood or fiber glass.
    The surface filtering design doesn’t form filtering cake, to have high filtering efficiency.
    Filtering precision is high, the filtering efficiency reaches 95% for 0.5μm dust.
    Excellent cleaning performance, the surface on the filtering medium piles up dust less.
    During the cleaning cycle, the dust particles are easy to discharge out, so it solve the issue which the micro dust gathers up between V shape fold of filtering medium and V shape fold filtering medium. Finally, it ensures the air flow minimization and stability.
    The air flow is large, it can increase above 30% air flow than common filtering medium.
    Usage life is longer, the resistance of rising is more stable. The wear-resistance is good.
    Consumption is low, it can save above 25% power than common filtering medium
    We will customize filters according to customer needs in different sizes from standard size to special-ordered size.


    Polyester film, PA, PBT, PE, LDPE, PC, PEEK, PET, BOPET, PP, BOPP, PMMA, Carbon-Fiber, Fiber, Resin, Sheet, EVA

    Product Tags

    Cartridge Filter
    Cartridge Air Filter
    Air Filter for Industrial Ventilation System
    Dust Collection Filter

    Packaging & Shipping

    1.Carton inside,wooden outside,neutral packaging
    2.As your requirements
    3.By international express,air and sea
    4.Shipment port:Shanghai or any other chinese ports