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Air filter cartridge for air intake system

The air filter for air intake systems for gas turbine. The working process of a gas turbine is that the compressor (ie, the compressor) continuously sucks in air from the atmosphere and compresses it; the compressed air enters the combustion chamber, mixes with the injected fuel and burns to become high-temperature gas, which then flows into the gas turbine The medium expansion works, pushing the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel to rotate together; the working power of the heated high-temperature gas is significantly improved, so while the gas turbine drives the compressor, there is excess power as the output mechanical power of the gas turbine. When the gas turbine is started from a standstill, it needs to be driven by a starter to rotate. The starter will not be disengaged until it is accelerated to be able to run independently.

    The working process of a gas turbine is the simplest, which is called a simple cycle; in addition, there are regenerative cycles and complex cycles. The working fluid of a gas turbine comes from the atmosphere and is finally discharged to the atmosphere, which is an open cycle; in addition, there is a closed cycle in which the working fluid is used in a closed cycle. The combination of a gas turbine and other heat engines is called a combined cycle device.
    The initial gas temperature and the compression ratio of the compressor are the two main factors that affect the efficiency of the gas turbine. Increasing the initial gas temperature and correspondingly increasing the compression ratio can significantly improve the efficiency of the gas turbine. At the end of the 1970s, the compression ratio reached a maximum of 31; the initial gas temperature of industrial and marine gas turbines was as high as about 1200℃, and that of aviation gas turbines exceeded 1350℃.
    Our air filters can reach F9grade. It can be used at GE, Siemens ,Hitachi gas turbines.