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Spinning Mesh Filter BOPP Filter For BOPP%Vinyl Film Process Line


Spinning Mesh Filter BOPP Filter, used at extruder, extrusion, plastic film, chemical fiber&yarn industry.

It can be customized by your demands. 

    Spinning mesh filter is also known as BOPP filter/extruder filters,included spinning filter,spin pack and ring,used for BOPP production line.Hanke can supply the whole filter systems of BOPP production.
    The production of plastic requires a high degree innovation among producers and equipment suppliers. Hanke is able to combine core polymer filtration production needs with new and innovative ideas to optimize filtration solutions.We can supply the sets of spinning filters to help you produce good quality polymer and reduce your production cost.

    Spinning filter element

    This filter is a cylindrical filter equipped with pleats to improve the filter rate.it is made of find woven wire mesh which is usually used where the fluid enters and leaves a containers or component.Hole of the wire meshes varies with the particular filter element while the wire mesh filter element removes normally only the larger particles of contamination from the fluid.
    We will customize filters according to customer needs in different sizes from standard size to special-ordered size.
    Element specification
    Filtration rate:1-200micron
    Spinning/extruder filter pack
    Combining multi filters with different mesh sizes by edge/rim, we offer filters exhibiting higher strength and higher efficiency.
    We possess a variety of the press dies including filter with a general circle shape as well as the press dies in a ring shape and track type of the press dies.
    Filter pack specification
    The filter packs are usually made of fine mesh for filtration and coarse mesh to support.
    Shapes of Spin Pack Screens:
    1.Round Shaped Packs: Diameter 25 to 600 mm(or as customized)
    2.Toroidal Shaped: Inner diameter 18 mm to 250mm
    Outer diameter 50mm to 350mm
    3.Rectangular Shaped: width 30mm to 100mm,length 60mm to 400mm(or as customized)
    4.Slitting Belt: the minimum width 30mm
    5.Cylinder Shaped:inner diameter from 8mm to 600mm
    6.Square Shaped,Oval Shaped,other type filter
    We will customize filters according to customer needs in different sizes from standard size to special-ordered size.


    Efficient filtration rate
    Good corrosion,heat and pressure resistance
    Long working life
    Easy to install

    Packaging & Shipping

    1.Carton inside,wooden outside,neutral packaging
    2.As your requirements
    3.By international express,air and sea
    4.Shipment port:Shanghai or any other chinese ports