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Candle filter for BOPP film line

Our candle filters are widely used at extureder of Bruckner Bopp lines

There are two types of filters ( one for Main Extruder as Candle Filter system, and the other one for Coextruders)

The common size is 49.1x703.5MM. LG/2 LAYER. + Outer Single layer 52x714MM


BOPP is the abbreviation of "Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene", BOPP film is biaxially oriented polypropylene film.

    In the production of BOPP film, the melt of high molecular polypropylene is first made into a sheet or thick film through a long and narrow machine head, and then in a special stretching machine, at a certain temperature and a set speed, simultaneously or step by step The film is stretched in two vertical directions (longitudinal and transverse), and after proper cooling or heat treatment or special processing (such as corona, coating, etc.).
    Commonly used BOPP films include: ordinary biaxially oriented polypropylene film, heat-sealable biaxially oriented polypropylene film, cigarette packaging film, biaxially oriented polypropylene pearlescent film, biaxially oriented polypropylene metallized film, matting film, etc.
    BOPP film is a very important flexible packaging material. BOPP film is colorless, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency.
    The surface energy of BOPP film is low, and corona treatment is required before gluing or printing. After corona treatment, BOPP film has good printing adaptability and can be overprinted to obtain exquisite appearance, so it is often used as the surface layer material of composite film.
    The filter screen is a very important part of the extruder, and only qualified products can be produced through the filter screen. The extruder filter screen is used for the filtration and blending of various viscous materials and products such as plastics, chemical fibers, rubber, hot melt adhesives, adhesives, coating materials, and mixtures. The extruder filter screen has a mesh type. With the mesh belt type, the extruder can replace the filter screen without interrupting the production through the automatic screen changer, saving labor and time, product performance is stable, realizing automatic screen change and free operation, increasing effective filtration time, and reducing production costs.