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Chlor alkali electrolyzer gasket

In 2002, the company collaborated with Asahi Chemical Corporation of Japan to jointly develop high electrical density electrolytic cell rubber gaskets. In 2003, the company first provided 120000 tons of rubber gaskets for the Qilu project, which have advantages such as corrosion resistance, high elasticity, and high lifespan. The main products produced by the company include Asahi Chemical's bipolar groove rubber gaskets, Western petroleum rubber gaskets, Dinora rubber gaskets, FM-21 rubber gaskets, AZEC-F2 rubber gaskets, AZEC-B1 rubber gaskets, Uhde gaskets, Asahi Chemical's electrolytic cell brackets and pins, various plastic products, and their products are exported to countries such as Indonesia, and are highly praised by customers at home and abroad.

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    Chlor alkali gasket for Blue Start eletrolyzer, Asahi Kasei eletrolyzer,UHDENORA electrolyzer,n-BiTAC electrolyzer